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The 1969 season saw Mario Andretti team up with legendary car owner Andy Granatelli in an effort achieve their first Indianapolis 500 victory. Andy had arranged for Lotus to build a sleek new four wheel drive car for Mario. During practice, however, Mario wrecked the new Lotus and suffered minor burns to his face. As qualifying was drawing near, chief mechanic Clint Brawner readied a two year old Hawk for Mario to qualify. The team was not optimistic as not only was the car out of date, but they had severe cooling problems. Nevertheless Mario qualified the car in the middle of the front row. Come raceday, the car's engine temperature soared from the get go... but amazingly it stabilized at what seemed to be too high of a temperature. Mario's only real competition that day was veteran Lloyd Ruby, who took himself out of the race when he tried to leave the pits with his fuel hose still attached to the car. As he pulled out, the fuel tank was ripped from his car ending his day. Mario was unchallenged for the remainder of the race and won by more than a lap.




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1969 STP Brawner Hawk

Driver: Mario Andretti

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