Indycals "OOPS Protection™" on decals

As model builders we invest a lot of time and funds into our craft. Unfortunately, mistakes are an every day part of our craft. And from time to time we all screw up a decal here and there. At Indycals we want you to be confident that when you buy our decals that you are not just buying decals, but you are buying the completion of your model. So, if you screw up, take a picture of the screw up - send it to, and I will replace the damaged markings. If you knock over your coffee and ruin an entire set? Take a pic and I'll replace the whole set. Dog tore them up? Take a pic and send it.

Legal stuff: Photograph of damage is required. This guarantee is only applicable once per decal sheet ordered and up to one year from the date of purchase and only to the original purchaser. If you screw up the replacement set the next one’s on you. If you ordered multiple sets of decals at one time, each decal has OOPS Protection™

And as always, decals are always guranteed against damage incurred during shipping - decals arriving in a damaged state will always be replaced.

OOPS Protection™, OOPS! Protection are trademarks of MP2 Enterprises LLC