How to use Indycals Decals

Indycals are water transferable decals and work just like any other water transfer decals you would get with a model kit.  One difference from kit decals is that the carrier film is not fit to each marking on the sheet - you need to carefully trim the decals as close to the printing as possible.

Decals are tailored for each car they are designed to replicate and the color background they go on. Ie, a decal desinged to go on a white background probably won't work on a colored background.

Our decals can be clearcoated. We have tested our decals with Testors Model Master Lacquer and Tamiya TS13 clear lacquer. As lacquers and other non-water based clear coats tend to be harsh, we recommend using setting solutions on the decals before clearcoating (we recommend Solvaset) - this will help bond the decal to the paint and reduce the chances of wrinkling. Acrylic water based clear coats should be safe. We have also tested Johnson's (Future) Floor Wax with no problems. Regardless of what you are using, it's always best to test first. If you need any scraps for testing your clearcoat, just ask and I will send some along.

To apply decals carefully trim with a sharp exacto knife. We recoment lightly cutting through the film - without going through the paper - to get the 'shape' of the decal and then doing a wider cut through the paper to avoid damaging the decal. Dip in water (warm water works quicker) for a few seconds. Decal will slide off – position on car. We do recommend setting solutions, particularly Solvaset, especially if you plan to clearcoat.