Print for Hire Services

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering print-for-hire decal printing services. Will will take your Adobe Illustrator file and print water transfer decals. Our service is ideal for cost-effective, low-volume runs.

Restrictions: Subject must not be a subject that ties into any current product lines I offer, so no Indy cars, F1, sports cars (Can-Am, F5000, LeMans, etc), or the following NASA subjects: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo. Acceptable: Sprint/midgets, stock cars, dragsters, modifieds, rally, motorcycles, space shuttle, military, and all other subjects.  Subjects political in nature will not be accepted.

You will be required to sign a copyright liability release stating that you either own or have rights to use the artwork you are printing. This is a basic CMA form (Cover My …) and is standard in the printing industry. 

$3.50 per vertical inch, rounded up to the nearest half inch with a max price of $35 per page.
Minimum order $20. Additional artwork fees may apply if document needs work to print correctly.

We currently print on A4 size paper. I can provide an Illustrator template with the necessary color separation layers and basic color library and highlighted ‘no print areas’ (outside margins fo the paper the printer cannot access). 8.27 x 11.69 - this is slightly more narrow and taller than standard US letter paper. The print area is 7.9” wide by 11.31” tall. So when you see the pricing is $3.50 per vertical inch, that means you can use up the full 7.9” width of the paper and your pricing is only determined by how far DOWN the page you go. So if your artwork is 7.9” wide by 6.3” tall, your price would be $3.5 x 6.5 = $22.75. If your art is 5" wide by 6.3" tall, your price would be the same. So set up your art to take advantage of the full 7.9" width. 

Shipping cost will vary depending on if you are in the US, and if I can trim the page so that I can ship in a business letter envelope (ie, 4" tall or less segments). My standard decal shipping rates would apply if I can ship in a business letter envelope. This is a bigger issue for International orders as anything larger than a business envelope subjects the deals to parcel pricing and customs and VAT. 

Artwork will need to have all colors (CMYK) on one layer and white on a second layer. If a color is to be applied on a white surface, it does not need white underneath. If a color goes over any color other than white, it needs white underneath (except black, black. Never needs white underneath). If you are really art/color savvy you can work with the underlying color in determining if you need white underneath.

We only accept Adobe Illustrator files. Please contact us for an Adobe Illustrator Template to use for your layout. It is also recommended that you be somewhat familiar with CMYK printing and color separation. If you are not well versed in Illustrator or CMYK printing it is recommending finding someone who can do the artwork for you and have them contact me directly (we do NOT offer artwork or tutorial services). Adobe Illustrator is available through Adobe Creative Cloud for only $20/month. Creative Cloud also comes with 100GB on cloud storage. It is definitely worth it.

I recommend contacting me via email if you are interested in our print for hire services -