Gold Ring/Gold Letter Tire Decals

Used circa 1964-1969


Gold Ring Turbine decals

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Two versions available, one for rear drive cars (larger rear tire) and four wheel drive turbine cars (same diameter front and rear). The 1/25 markings are designed around Lance Sellers resin tires. In 1/25 scale the rear diameter is 1", front approx 15/16". The four wheel drive markings are designe for Replica and Miniatures's resin turbine tires and are just under 1" in diameter. I recommend cutting into 2-4 sections for easier application. 1/24 scale fits the Fujimi GT40 tires. Please note, it is not possible to test the size of the rings on every possible different tire and scale out there - if you are concerned about fit - please contact me before ordering. Each sheet has one set of tire markings. Please note, these markings may not fit over raised lettering on tires.

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