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With new regulations effectively banning the big block engines for Prototoypes that had won the previous two years, Ford refocused on the GT40 Mk I that was allowed to run a 5 litre enigne in the Sports category. The race was also postponed to Septebmer 28, 29 due to civil unrest in June. This meant the race would see 3 additional hours of night driving. Rain played a factor in the race, but overall it was an easy win for the GT40, winning with a five lap margin and scoring the first of what would be two consecutive vitories for chassis 1075 (only the second time for the same car to win two years in a row.)





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1968 Gulf GT40 LeMans

Drivers: Pedro Rodriguez, Lucien Bianchi


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Designed for the Fujimi kit, but available in other scales. We offer this in two options - printed orange stripes (bottom image), or just the black outlines and matching masking templet for painting the orange areas (2nd to last image). For best results we do recomment painting the orange (the sample model has painted orange) If you opt for the printed orange, our decals fix the issue of placing a white roundel over the orange stripe (and thus havin the stripe show through somewhat) by incorporating the roundel into the stripe. Layout may vary per scale.

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