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1995 was one of the most exciting and controversial Indy 500’s ever. Eventual winner Jacques Villeneuve was given a two lap penalty early in the race, but by making only 5 pitstops, to everyone elses 6 or 7, he was able to make up his laps and found himself in second place on the race’s last restart with less than 10 laps to go. On the restart, leader Scott Goodyear passed the pace car and was black flagged putting Jacques in the lead. While many argue that the pace car was going to slow on the restart (telemetry showed this was not the case), no one can argue that Villeneuve drove 505 miles to win a 500 mile race.





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1995 Player's Reynard

Driver: Jacques Villeneuve


1995 Player's Forsythe Reynard - Jacques Villeneuve

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