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The 1987 Indy 500 had one of the more interesting finishes in the history of the race. Al Unser came to the Speedway without a ride and left as a four time winner.

Al got his break when Danny Ongais crashed his Penske in practice and was not cleared to race. Roger Penske called on his former driver to take the place of Ongais.

The race was dominated by Mario Andretti until he dropped out on lap 177. Roberto Guerrero took the lead and had a full lap on Unser. However, due to a damaged clutch master cylinder from when he hit a tire earlier in the race, Roberto stalled his engine on his last pitstop. It took several tries to get him going again by which time not only had Unser made up his lap, but he had taken the lead and lapped Guerrero with only 18 laps to go in the race! Although Guerrero was able to unlap himself and close in on Unser during a late race caution, he was unable to challenge Unser in the closing laps. In leading the last 18 laps, Unser tied with Ralph Depalma (winner 1915) for leading the most laps at Indy in a career - a record that Unser broke the following year.





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The Cummins sponsorhip came in late in the month of May and the team only had enough upper and lower case vinyl letters to reproduce the Cummins logo twice (the correct way to display the logo). However, the car required Cummins to appear three times. So on the right side of the car - the side that cannot be seen from the pits - they displayed the Cummins logo in all capital letters. (see bottom image)

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1987 Cummins Diesel

Driver - Al Unser Sr

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87 Cummins


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