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There is no doubt that 1960 battle between Jim Rathmann and Rodger Ward was the greatest 500 ever, but it was nearly matched in 1961 as Foyt and Eddie Sachs had a battle royale, swapping the lead 10 times in the last half of the race. Foyt had to make an unexpected late pitstop due to the fact that not enough fuel was put in at what should have been his last pit stop. This gave the lead to Sachs who had a healthy lead but pitted with just two laps to go for a badly wearing tire. There is great debate on the subject, but the consensus seems to be that Sachs could have made it without pitting.




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1961 Bowes Seal Fast

Driver: A. J. Foyt Jr.

1961 Bowes Seal Fast

1961 Bowes Seal Fast Decals

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Highly detailed and accurate, right down the faint pinstriping in the numbers. A.J. Foyt's first Indianapolis 500 winning car can be recreated with unprecedented accuracy. Sheet includes the red swooshes on the hood and side of the car - set to match Tamiya Italian Red. Apply the hood and side decals and you only need to mask off a bit of the nose instead of the whole design. Faint hairline white space separates the red swoosh from the black stripe, which is outlined with a red pinstripe, just like on the actual cars - a feature lacking on other decal sets for this car. The Bowes Seal Fast logo was carefully designed to resemble it as it actually appeared in May 1961.

Available in a variety of scales.

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1961 Bowes Seal Fast right side


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