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Race day, May 30th, 2004, saw nearly 4 inches of rain fall in Indianapolis - a single day record. Yet somehow they managed to get a race of 180 out of 200 laps - the longest rain shortened race in Indianapolis 500 history. With rain clearly approaching after the halfway point of the race, the race became a battle to the front and who could stay out the longest in the hopes that rain would come while they were leading. Bruno Junquiera lead at 150 laps and it looked like the rain might soon approach, but he pitted handing the lead over to Adrian Fernandez. Buddy Lazier passed Tony Kanaan for second under threatening skies, when shortly thereafter Fernandez pitted on lap 172 handing the lead over to Rice who had already pitted. A couple laps later the rains came and the white flag was displayed on lap 179. One precarious lap in a heavy downpour and Rice was the victor. As soon as the checkered flag waved the grandstands we're evacuated due to a tornado warning - an F3 Tornado touched down only 6 miles from the Speedway!





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2004 Argent Pioneer

Driver: Buddy Rice

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Markings to do the car driven by Buddy Rice in the 2004 Indianapolis 500. Available in a variety of scales.

This item is current out of production.



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