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In 1911 a new race was run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A 500 mile race, the likes of which the world had never seen. Crafty Ray Harroun and his Marmon team developed a single seat car at a time when riding mechanics were the norm. The idea was to allow for a car with less weight and better streamlining. The lack of a riding mechanic to warn the driver of oncoming cars necessitated the use of a rear-view mirror - possibly the first use of it on a car. Harroun also realized that if he pushed his car over 75 mph his tires would deteriorate rapidly. Harroun developed a strategy to pace himself, going no faster than 75mph. He boldly predicted that his tried and true car and his strategy would win the race - he was right, finishing the race at an average speed of just under 75mph.






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1911 Wasp

Driver: Ray Harroun


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Decals for use wtih our Marmon Wasp resin model kit. Due to the complex nature of fitting the pinstripes to the car, this set of decals is only available in 1/25 scale to fit our resin body.

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