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After winning the World Championships in 1975 and 77 and nearly missing out in 1976, Ferrari had a tough challenge for 1978 having to compete against the Lotus ground effect cars – the 78 and 79. With it’s flat bottom design, the 312T3 was at a distinct disadvantage, but it’s reliability allowed it to remain in the chase with Carlos Reutemann winning four races and finishing ‘first in class’ behind Mario Andretti and Ronnie Peterson in the 1978 World Championship. This car is also notable as Gilles Villeneuve drove it to his first ever F1 win in his home grand prix in Canada.




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1978 Ferrari 312T3

Drivers: Gilles Villeneuve, Carlos Reutemann

1978 Ferrari 312T3 Gilles Villeneuve

1978 Ferrari 312T3 Gilles Villeneuve Decals

standard Tamiya layout with white

standard Tamiya layout without white

Optional Candian GP with white

Optional Canadian GP without white (built car pictured above)

click images for larger views


Designed for use with theTamiya 1/20 scale Ferrari 312T3 kit. A vast improvement on the original kit decals, this sheet includes markings for the white areas that are considerably more opaque than the originals, or if you prefer to paint the white areas, we offer an option with just the red pinstripes for the engine cover and sidepods - a feature totally lacking from the orginal kit decals. Please note, driver figure markings are not included on this sheet. We also now offer a Canadian GP version of these decals for those of you who would like to modify the Tamiya kit to replicate Gilles Villeneuves historic first victory! Masking template here.

Now available in 1/12 scale for the Protar kit!

Now available - 3d Printed brake ducts and air intakes for Tamiya 312T3 - 1/20 and 1/12 scale!

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