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By 1977 Jody Scheckter had had enough of the 6 wheel P34 experiment and left Tyrrell to go race for the upstart Wolf team. Scheckter was replaced by Ronnie Peterson, while Patrick Depailler remained. The car was re-bodied with a smoother - but heavier - configuration. The car reverted to it's 1976 body for the Monaco Grand Prix as depicted in the Tamiya kit. Unfortunately the tire manufacturer was not willing to further develop the small front tires for just one team and the P34 was no longer showing the promise it had in 1976. The project was finally abandoned for 1978.




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1977 Tyrrell P34 - 1976 Body Style

Drivers: Ronnie Peterson, Patrick Depailler

1977 Tyrrell P34, Tamiya 1/20 scale

1977 Tyrrell First National City Traveler's Checks decals

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Designed for use with theTamiya 1/20 and 1/12 scale Tyrell P34 kit (original or 1977 Monaco version). If you've ever had the urge to build First National City Traveler's Checks car in 1/12 scale by converting the Tamiya 1/12 P34 kit, here's your chance. Numbers and names for both Ronnie Peterson and Patrick Depailler. Driver figure markings are included only on the 1/20 scale sheet. Decals also available in other scales.

Want to update those awful kit front tires? Icon Automotive Miniatures makes resin tires for this kit - either slicks or rain tires!

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