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The Matra MS11 constantly changed throughout the 1968 Season. The car as depicted on the Tamiya box more than likely was never run in any race, and Jackie Stewart campaigned a Cosworth powered car - the #18 Stewart version was only run prior to the British Grand Prix - it never raced in an actual Grand Prix. After extensive research I have concluded that this German GP version may be the only car that actually ran in 1968 that can built out of the box. Note that the front wings were not used in this race. Typical variations were found in the exhaust pipes, and the cowling - many races included an additional fuel tank over the driver's legs that necessitated a different more bulbous cowling.

On a side note, during the German Grand Prix the rear wing on the MS11 was mounted with a mechanical device that allowed the rear wing to change angle to allowe greater downforce in the turns and less drag on the straights.




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1968 Matra MS11, German Grand Prix

Driver: JP Beltoise

1968 Matra MS11 German Grand Prix decals

1968 Matra MS11 German Grand Prix Decals

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Designed for use the Tamiya Matra MS11 kit (shown). Decals to make the car driven by J.P. Belotise during the 1968 German Grand Prix. Available in a variety of scales.

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