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1956 saw Ferrari dominate in their Lancia-designed D50, winning 5 of 7 races (Peter Colllins, 2 wins, Juan Manuel Fangio - 3 wins). At the last race in Italy, the only way Fangio could lose was if he didn't score points and team mate Peter Collins won the race and scored the fastest lap. Fangio's car developed mechanical issues and forced him out of the race. On his next pit stop, Collins saw Fangio's car, and promptly got out of his car so Fangio could take over (thus effectively handing the championship to Fangio). Fangio finished second and split 6 points with Collins, dropping Collins to 3rd in the Championship, while cementing Fangio's point total. Collins would die two years later, shortly after winning his penultimate F1 race.




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1956 Lancia Ferrari D50

Drivers: Juan Manuel Fangio, Andre Pilette, Peter Collins

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Designed around the Revival 1/20 scale kit, available in other scales.

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