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1950 was the first offical year for "Formula One" racing. The Championship was a three-way battle between Alfa drivers Juan Fangio, "Nino" Farina, and Luigia Fagioli, with Fangio and Farina winning all six races (three victories each). A string of second place finishes kept Fagioli in the hunt until the end. Ultimately it was Guiseppe "Nino" Farina who became the first World Champion.





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1950 Alfa Romeo P158
the first F1 World Champion!

Drivers, Giuseppe Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio, Reg Parnell, Luigi Fagioli

Designed for the Merit/Smer 1/24 scale kit. Available in other scales as well. These decals replicate many of the different configurations raced during the 1950 season. Four drivers drove for Alfa in 1950, and they were distinguised by the nose markings on the car. The photo below depicts the different 'colors' each driver carried. Decals include 'drop shadows' for the louvers on the car. Also make sure to check out our UPDATE KIT for the Merit/Smer kit!


Juan Manuel Fangio - 1950 Belgian GP. Merit/Smer kit with Indycals decals and upgrade parrts (wire wheels by Herb Deeks)- click image for larger view.

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