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The McLaren that AMT designed and passed off for many 1974-75 McLaren M16s was actually based on a 1973 McLaren Indycar and has many inaccuracies. One glaring error was the straight exhaust that was not used on the 74-76 McLarens. The gearbox doesn't look like any gearbox used in any car, ever and the suspension is a nightmare to get to look good. If possible we recommend using a Bill Jorgensen kit or conversion kit for even greater accuracy. This kit is recommended for advanced modelers who are willing to modify the kit for better fit and accuracy.






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1976 McLaren Drivetrain

Replacements for the AMT McLaren Indy Car kit.

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UPDATE 2/12/14 - we are having the Offy, Gearbox, Exhaust and Intake parts cast in resin - they will be available at a lower price than what you can get through Shapeways.

Highly detailed Offy, gearbox, exhaust, turbo, intake, rear suspension, driveshafts, hubs, brakes and rear wing for the 1/25 scale AMT McLaren or Bill Jorgensen's McLaren kit. We have also included two highly detailed fuel buckeyes. By packaging all items together we are able to save you more than $15 over the price of buying these parts individually.

These are 'printed' and sold through our partner store at Shapeways and will be processed and shipped independently from any orders placed through the Indycals website. Multiple parts ordered together will be combined under one shipping charge.

Please note that the material used to 'print' these parts is brittle - please exercise care when handling so as not to break off fragile parts.

Price: $74.99 + shipping

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