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In the late 60s MPC produced a 1/20 scale model of the revolutionary 1967 Turbine car that nearly won the 1967 Indianapolis 500. One shortcoming of these kits was the tires - looking nothing like the actual tires that ran on the real car, the kit tires were too wide and did not look correct on the car.. We are pleased to produce tires that capture the true look and feel of the tires that were used on the Eagle and Turbine cars.






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1967 Turbine Tires 1/20 scale

68 Turbine Tires

turbine tires

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Accurate tires for the MPC 1967 Turbine kit, includes decals. Use wheels from kit to complete per the finished samples pictured above.

These parts are designed by Indycals, cast in resin by Lance Sellers and sold and shipped by Indycals/MP2 Enterprises.

Price: $20.00 + shipping

Quantities may be limited
- please check with us before ordering



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