IPMS 2011 Report

This year, at the invitation of my friend Steve Mohlenkamp, I attended my first International Plastic Modeler’s Society Nationals meet in Omaha Nebraska. For those who’ve never been, it’s a combination of model/diorama contests and vendors selling kits/books/tools/finishing products. I have to say as a car builder, I found the show to be pretty disappointing – not much in the car categories entered in the contests, and not much in the way of car kits/accessories in the vendor areas. There were some things, and I did come home with four kits and some tools, but the show was definitely more weighted to military builders.

That said, first and foremost I’m a model builder and I can appreciate great builds from any genre, and in that respect, I was totally blown away with all the builds that were entered, regardless of category. Some were incredibly detailed, incredibly realistic, or incredibly creative. From a model of Alan Sheppard golfing on the moon, to a display of every ship named “Enterprise”, both real and imagined, all in scale to each other, the variety was endless. So with that, I’ll let the photos do the talking. If any of these builds belong to you, please post a message telling us more about it and I will make sure your comments get posted!

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