Painting your model car… Tamiya TS Paints

Many of you may know I’m a big advocate of Tamiya TS spray paints. Tamiya goes out of their way to produce many colors for specific cars. They are one of the few who produce a glossy fluorescent red and a proper McLaren Orange (TS56). As good as their paints are, from time to time I hear stories of difficulty using Tamiya paints. While I have had excellent results the one thing I say to everybody is that if you want the color to come out right, you need to spray it over Tamiya White Primer.  But even that alone is sometimes not enough. Case in point, if you are painting white over red plastic, no matter how much white primer you use, the white tends to take on a pinkish hue. So in this case, I spray the red plastic with TS30 silver first, then white primer, then white (usually TS26). Don’t ask me why it works, but it works. Exceptions to the white primer rule are metallic paints, and very dark paints like black or TS55 dark blue. Metallic paints tend to cover nicely without primer (I never prime metallic engine blocks/gear boxes), and dark colors tend not to be discolored by grey primer.

That said, Tamiya USA has an excellent article on using TS spray paints – I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from it, I know I did! Check it out!.

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